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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 15, 2014 8:29am-8:45am EDT

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this is a venture capital of the world cup kicked of this week in brazil and instead of crowds of sounds we've witnessed crowds of protest because of the cost or take a look at what happened to the economy of south africa the last host country plus the rich continue to get richer we took gender pay metals until the end of a tie so fast that world cup fever has arrived and despite the fact that the host country brazil is predicted to win the tournament not everyone is excited there's been a violent protests on the street because of the cost to host the event the most expensive in history the majority of brazilians resent the fourteen billion dollar price tag when their economy is bustling crippling inflation a gross lump and a possible real estate bubble and if we take
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a look back our fellow brics nation south africa the country spent three point nine billion dollars on hosting the games according to reports in the journal of african economies south africa attracted two hundred twenty thousand extra to a steer in the event that's thirteen thousand dollars per visit and the last four years the country stock market has nearly doubled but g.d.p. has now slowed and slipped into negative territory during the first quarter of this year the country has similar problems to that of brazil income inequality and abandoned infrastructure wealth a lot of the business of football the backlash in brazil the economics evolvers join our south american based guest daniel brunei so you can brazil afford this tournament. you know who you are the core of the. the pipeline itself fourteen billion dollars at
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a time when most resilient are falling behind and can't keep up with the one we wage in which is largely fueled by huge real estate massive bubble. news mostly because all the foreign speculation in real estate. and the sentiment most people still feel is that there is simply too many people who are lacking in good basic services such as affordable decent housing you know here transportation and education but in the spirit fourteen billion dollars on. a course we have a con in this to understand forty billion dollars is really worth it because it stimulates the. i want to ask about the long term do you think that the country will reap the benefits in the long term because presumably that's what economists think. well they will reap the benefits in the long term but the problem is how those benefits are going to be distributed it's a political problem so long problem. and the games are basically
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a golden opportunity for a welcoming businesses to do the fields of their dreams but it's also a golden opportunity for the majority of resilience working class brown and black people to force one form on the system which they feel is still stacked against them right go you say this is politics at play as usual you know as we now know kind of politics i want to ask you about the protests on the streets because that is all sides as well isn't it so it seems like it's a vicious cycle because i know that visit us had to really invest in security about five times more than south africa today because of the violence on the straights well that's right you know there were rules if the president and her fortunes could be in the balance here. either way there were. which party is is here to stay in
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the pool has to come back you know the last time that brazil hosted the world cup within the year nineteen was the last and the president of brazil committed suicide that's how serious of an issue the world cup is that in brazil it's extremely political it's very emotional it's extremely complex and. we'll see what happens yeah i mean brazilians we know i love basketball we know that so you think once a tournament now that it eased up people would just get together and enjoy it and oh the chaos in the lead up will be forgotten old else well that would be wonderful wouldn't it you know even whose name in brazil means skin portuguese even he has come out he is in the tory asli political another football star named mario has also spoken out against the games so there they have very
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mixed emotions about this in brazil. but you know i think it's fabulous that the brazilian people. are finally waking up proving to the world that winning a soccer match and winning a pillow contest that kind of all is no longer going to keep them distracted from the serious challenges that face their nation and frankly my hope is that a similar sentiment might take root in the united states right down your way leave it bad enjoy the games and i'll see you say thank you for joining us as usual always a heated and insights and capital is just to host the twenty twenty two world cup which is estimated to cost over two hundred billion dollars why such an astronomical price tag well they're ok. really know stadiums so they will be built entirely from scratch because of the levels of haiti's air condition stadiums for
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the players will be needed and transport infrastructure built for visitors to russia will host the next event in twenty eighteen at a cost of eight billion dollars although that figure is expected to rise for cats although despite the hate and constant allegations of bribery and slavery one problem a qatar certainly does not have is a lack of wealthy investors is taken so the country top the list for wealth per capita in the latest poll by the boston consulting group topping the ranking for highest density for private financial wealth with millionaires making up seventeen point five percent of all households followed by switzerland and singapore. the u.s. ranked toast in terms of total number of millionaire households with seven point one million followed by china with two point four million the amount of medium as
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a rose in china by eighty two percent from the previous year and now almost double the amount in japan the number of households whose wealth exceeds while median and russia has grown by daily affairs which means that russia is now right the world wide in terms of the number of me in a household and it comes to all that per household the report showed that russia ranks fifth of the world overall the world's wealth grew by fifteen percent to one hundred fifty two trillion dollars a wall that may be more million as an available for the metal industry often are a fraction of the real economy is still slumping global still while the problem is overcapacity has doubled it's doubled its capacity since two thousand and one due to slumping dumon despite warnings from industrial insiders production continues to grow at an average rate of three percent now i asked edwin bos'n from the world
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still association if the highs of the mid two thousand will ever be achieved again i'm not optimistic that i'll see it in my lifetime. but this means growth rates of seven to ten percent and still the money for that to happen you'd be something like china that has been something something took from the previous event of the similar nature was the development of the united states actually will be sold at some point in its history not too long ago one hundred years ago the u.s. was also fifty percent of the world's tube market both in production and consumption it took almost a hundred years for trying to reach that decision. the next one in line should realistically be india. not going to be the time to go do that but i did think it over the movies. let's dive into corporate knees than russian pavement systems kiwi will place eight million deposit to every state in the us and it's secondary
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public offering the money raised will be spent on corporate profits is and how to spend it is us i'm betting the jets have agreed a final three hundred million dollars deal to complete the first nuclear power plant near bangladesh also tom is heading the project which consists of three in total amounting to five hundred million dollars revenue the us is the largest to tedham i can eat group by. taking one point eight billion dollars for the month. now late is brace yourself because we are about to look at tim kobe and by the time looking down saying right bad thanks to me you know hi katie you know last week we got katie's choice so you picked what we invested and you picked for me to wear the silly bow tie on the air i look even more foolish than normal and you know what i'm kind of double mad at you because i found out that the entire crew of venture
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capital except for me has a week off next week so this week will be investing in the same thing for two weeks in a row but katie i forgive you because last week you picked for me. the i mining giant and they wind up nine percent that's one thousand five hundred dollars in the till as they say in your country of war including dane so let's spin the wheel and see what all invest in for two weeks in a row while you're having vacation and i'm still working i can i. start with his two weeks is a long time in the world of the knowledge and choice again thank goodness only way the company that mines a lot of diamonds are russia is a big producer of diamonds maybe not quite like south africa but definitely high up there and the diamonds are always in demand for both jewelry and. the dust will purposes so we'll see what happens at two weeks before two weeks is a long time a days you're going to have to really get those no turning into still because
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they're going to have to be wrong or tara right about their d'oeuvres of steel but not about a tiny ten euro is not low. dangerous all right jim covey i'll see you in two weeks and see if the diamonds sparkle for you so you say to. the fact that men generally speaking still get paid more than women and the majority of jobs in theory it's women worldwide. and this week it was revealed that the highest paid woman c.e.o. was the to boredom martine rah rah was born multan route she made thirty eight million dollars last year as the c.e.o. of united therapeutics where she's worth almost twenty years now and the second highest female the highest paid female well it was more semi just here and she made more than ten million dollars less the multi overall i mean six percent of c.e.o.'s of the top two hundred companies are women so whatever she was born she's very much
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a woman now the main thing and good for our i say i love it for me for now obviously on the next week for my sister's birthday so i won't be here but in the meantime i will indeed be on twitter you can join me that in the meantime goodbye. contempo history of yugoslavia is formation as a prosperous and peaceful country it was considerate to be a success story of market socialism and in many regards it was a mode of development on. whom was this teacher of democracy and market economy if any republic in yugoslavia wanted for the us a it
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would have to break away from yugoslavia and declared its independence ok it's not a conspiracy theory it's not my speculation it's not my analysis it's a public place to. move and punish it harshly for every slightly less some unlearnt the serbs started this war the serbs are legal riginal cause of the war they are the complete aggressors and wrongdoers. bomb confident. that. bombs more. will bomb all of the top two kitchens six of them knew its own so please go assist in the multi-ethnic society to live in harmony and joe not. one was forgotten to be told feel about yugoslavia the weight of chains on our
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teeth. if. one of the new will surely come and watch as the bank of new polish face i think i feel alone came. to visit. a pleasure to have you with us today i'm sure. it's now a.